Company policy

Our main goal is to ensure the realization of high quality services for the installation and overhaul of industrial equipment based on the efficient management and treatment of customers according to their expectations, thereby providing our customers The maximum satisfaction of working with us.

To achieve the above objective, we undertake to pursue:

  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of the integrated quality and environment management system,
  • Analysing customer needs and followinging with their growing requirements,
  • The hiring of competent staff who systematically raises their qualifications,
  • Provide the right resources and infrastructure to achieve compliance with customers ‘ expectations and legal and other requirements.

We are consciously responsible for the achievement of the objectives of the quality policy.
Clearly defining competencies and responsibilities and establishing organisational links will contribute to improving the organisation of work. We declare the provision of appropriate measures necessary for the proper functioning of the quality management system.

At the moment, our main goal is to maintain and develop a quality management system.

All employees are responsible for the implementation of quality policy in their workplaces, and also obliges to demonstrate initiatives for the improvement of processes and services.

Best Regards
Szymon Sztachelski